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Probably you don’t like snakes right? That’s great because eating them your snake becomes bigger and remember the most of snakes around you are online players just like you. The most exciting part of this game is that even with the smallest snake you can eat the biggest and the most dangerous snake in game.

Starting the game your snake is like your finger size, but as soon as you eat snakes around you, your slither grabs points, eats them all and becomes more dangerous. The most important in slither io game is to have a strategy, one of the most interesting and dangerous strategies is to slither next to huge size dangerous slither and as soon as your opponent kills someone, you can eat and become bigger so fast that you may become a threat to all your opponents. is a world-wide known game, you may meet online hundreds of thousands players and play with them and even eat them all.

Decorating your snake is a funny part of the game, there are more than 10 different skins.

Launching the game there, on the right side of top of the screen you can choose the graphic you’d like to play.

Space/Mouse click – fast slither
Arrow Keys/Mouse – Directions