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» Uno Online

A lot of our users were asking us to add UNO game, so we are happy to add uno online, so now you can play your favorite game online. UNO has become super popular game, main goal is to get rid of cards (you will get lots of cards playing the game but you should do your best to get rid of them). There are lots of ways to play uno, ther are lots of cards with different capabilities, for example a skip card, if a player places this card next to this player should skip the turn 🙂 The most funny thing is that this game can be played from 2 up to 10 players 🙂  Oh, don’t forget the word UNO! Because when you have only 1 card left in your hand, you should screaaam UNO! Because if you don’t say the word UNO when you have 1 card left, you should get another one, so you can’t finish the game.


Main Objective

This popular game should be played in 3 rounds,  so do you best to get rid of all cards in your hand before your opponents will do. As soon as it is your turn you should match the card on the discard pile or either by number or by color or symbol!

Pass Button and UNO Button

If you do not want to play the card you have or picked up, try using the draw button, you will end your turn. As soon as you have 1 card left, you must pres UNO button , if you don’t this will make you get 2 more cards from the draw pile. 😀

Draw Card

There will be lots of moments when you don’t have a card that matches, so you must draw a card from the draw pile, but if the card you have picked up can be played you will be able to place it but if you don’t you should skip the turn. 🙂

Enjoy uno game online and don’t forget to share your experience 🙂